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We love to tell stories. In fact, Sweet Anthem originally began in 2001 as a publisher of short run books, chapbooks, and zines. More than a decade later and Meredith Smith is still writing and composing stories, but now they’re of a slightly different ilk – these are the kind you can read on your skin, crafted with a blend of science and nature.
We meticulously formulate and bottle our perfumes by hand in our West Seattle studio, and the result is a collection of artisan perfumes with true character.

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What We're Made Of
Perfumes are a mixture of science and nature. Our perfumer uses prima materia from the world over, distilled and brought to life by our partners right here on the West Coast.
Fruits. Low-hanging and otherwise, we love the fruity and citrus notes, like black currant and cognac, that add effervescent character.
Flowers. Classic and sultry, flirty and fun, notes like jasmine and rose – you'd be pressed to find a fragrance house without these. 
Spices. Notes distilled from herbs, spice, and everything nice – rosemary, peppercorns, and more – to lift your perfumes to the heavens.

Resins. The “gooey bits” of the perfume industry, these fragrance notes are made from ambers and heart woods.
Woods. Made from barks and roots and leaves of trees, these are ethereal and earthly all at once, both grounding and transportive.
Grasses. Patchouli, vetiver, tobacco, and green notes that look like gooey bits but smell more like refined masculinity.

Accords. Melanges of notes and pieces of notes put together to smell like other notes, we make these in-house.
We’re a vegan company, which means absolutely no animals are harmed in the making of any of our fragrances and products.
Supernaturals. The battle for a vegan perfumer is what to do about all those musks. Our answer: fake it ‘til we make it.

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